Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Bottle Drive for Anna Gray!

If you are friends with me on FB, you saw this thing come on like a monster this weekend! I.AM.AMAZED. at the support of our family and friends. Seriously, I am just stunned. We are SO SO grateful and undeserving. And yet, we have heard God clearly say, "Just let me take care of this.".  Wow.

Our sweet friends Mandy and Lauree and their connection group (which hasn't even started, btw), are heading a baby bottle drive! I can't seem to get the entire flyer to copy (too bad, it's so cute!), but here is the text:

The West's are EXPECTING - to bring ANNA GRAY home this winter!!!
Nathan and Amber West have always known that they wanted a large family and recently felt the tug to add another ‘little’ to their family. While they intended to pursue a domestic adoption, Amber stumbled across an agency dedicated to Down Syndrome and other special needs babies.

When she saw this photo, she knew she was looking at her daughter.
Adoption is not cheap and bringing their new addition home will require two trips to (her country) and quite a bit in fees. There will be several fundraisers in the coming months to help with costs. But even if you can’t help with funds, your prayer and support will be vital to their entire family throughout this process.

If you’d like to help them bring Annie home - pick up your baby bottle, take it home and over the next few weeks drop your spare change, spare bills or even a random check in the bottle. In about a month we’ll be collecting the bottles to present Nathan, Amber, Layla, Cale and Brynn with some much needed funds to get sweet Annie a little closer to her forever home.

Bottles are available at Revolution Church, the Bargain Browser or you can contact Mandy Christenson, Lauree Dorris, or Amber West for more information or to get your bottle.

Feel free to share this opportunity to bless another family with your friends and loved ones! Let’s fill those bottles up!

ANYONE can participate, just let me know if I need to get a bottle to you or if you have questions about turning your bottles in!
By the way, this fundraiser officially kicked off yesterday, and we are OUT of bottles (but getting more, obviously!!). A lot people are using their own OR using something else to fill for Anna Gray. We are blown away!!
Oh, p.s.
Several people are already sending me photos of themselves/their kids/etc filling their bottles with change (LOVE!). Keep them coming! I'm going to save them for Annie!!

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  1. Hey Amber,

    I went to WH, but I'm older than you. My maiden name is Jennifer Cawthon. I'm really good friends with your cousin Rachel. Anyway, I just now saw this bottle fundraiser. I want to start filling up bottles, but is there a drop off spot....bargain browser or something. I think this is a really great cause and you should be commended in what you are doing. I am on facebook under Jennifer Cawthon Lewis or my email is I would love to help out. Good luck and god bless!