Sunday, October 2, 2011

We need you to pray.

This week is huge.

Tomorrow, we will confront the doctor one last time.  I will go to her office for the 7th time.  I will beg and plead, if needed.  I will not let Satan use her to hurt us.  I will ask nicely and always do the right thing and hope she does the same. But just incase she doesn't, I'm taking Momma Stang with me. And you do NOT want to mess with Momma Stang. Please pray for this doctor. Pray that God changes her heart and she wants to help. Pray that she corrects the mistakes she made. At the very least, pray that she does the job she is being paid to do.

Also, we are in a very serious race against the clock and we just might lose.  We do not know if our immigration approval is going to get back in time. Honestly, it shouldn't, but I believe in a God who can do anything.  We are being encouraged to write to our congressmen and ask them to intervene on our behalf. As much as we want her home for ourselves, it breaks my heart to think of our baby girl staying in that orphanage longer than she has to. Please, PLEASE, pray with us. Pray that that we get the attention of our congress woman. Pray that she acts on our behalf. Pray that immigration processes our application at record speed. Please pray that our child comes home sooner, rather than later.

Please and thank you.
We're scared, folks.

*If anyone else would like to write to our representative on our behalf, email me for contact info.

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  1. Praying, Praying, Praying....and emailing,emailing, emailing...Love you guys! God has sweet Annie, you guys, and this doctor all wrapped in his loving arms!