Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First packet SHIPPED!

Our first set of notarized, county certified, apostilled paperwork is ON IT'S WAY to Annie's country!!  We have officially requested to adopt her and bring her here :)
So excited! And nervous. Ha.

COME ON, IMMIGRATION!! Still need that golden ticket to come ASAP.

I did happen to make a contact today with someone who may be able to help with that. More to come :)


I picked up a certified letter from the post office today.
My jaw dropped.

It was from Dr.Rude.

She paid $6 to send us a letter telling us that she is resigning as a physician.
I promise we didn't send her any threats or egg her house. We didn't do anything AT ALL, actually.

We had/have? full intentions of filing formal complaints with the hospital and medical board when all is said and done with the adoption, but we wanted to make sure everything was taken care of first.  Surely to goodness she didn't spend $6 on a letter for each of her patients? Maybe she just wanted to make sure we knew? I hate to say it, but I've even questioned if it were the truth. Or if she just wanted us to think that so that we didn't take further action against her. It makes me sad that it even crossed my mind, but at this point- nothing would surprise me.

Oh, well. It's over and done... I hope.


  1. Holy cow!!!! Resigning as A physician or as YOUR physician??? From the sound of things, I think the patients of the world aught to rejoice that she will no longer be doctoring. But I am glad your package is on it's way and Annie is one step closer to being home!!!

  2. WOW. That pretty much validates all your complaints about her.

    Congrats on getting all the paperwork done and mailed! Crossing my fingers and can't wait to see your own pics of her this winter!

  3. hum...when my doctor retired she just sent a regular old letter. sounds like you may have been fired as a patient! but I will say we actually fired our doctor because of our adoption. goes both ways! so glad you got everything you needed before that happened. :)