Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2 (big) steps forward, 3 steps back into a wall that's hard as a brickbat.

Drama. Drama. Drama.

First, a little good news. Mama Stang and I (that's my mom, btw, and she's a fiesty son-of-a-gun) visited the office of Dr.Rude on Monday.  I did give Mama Stang a wee bit of a lecture beforehand. We agreed to "kill her with kindness". Going to jail wasn't going to get the form filled out any faster.

So, we went. Actually, first we visited the hospital's one and only notary to make sure she was available to notarize our medical statements a third time so that Dr.Rude couldn't use that as an excuse (again). Unfortunately, the notary was out sick and her sub was gone for the day. The real Dr.Rude - please stand up, please stand up- would not come into the front office. She stayed in her office just on the other side of the door. She and her office manager- who at this point, is just as troublesome and terrified of doing something that's going to cost her her job- agreed that they could NOT change the code on the medical statement. (She also claimed to not be aware of our situation, yet greeted me by my first name when I walked in the door and referred to Nathan by his after she said she doesn't remember ever talking to him?!) After some explaining and a phone call to our stateside helper, I convinced her to lose the code alltogether and just write "normal". She attempted to use the notary excuse (again), but we assured her that someone would be there at 7:30am. Then the problem became her not having TIME to sign her name. She literally said that Dr.Rude wouldn't have time to walk from her office to the front office (a DOOR separates the two). I left it anyway and just let her know we'd appreciate it if she'd try.

Low and behold at 9:30am the next morning, she called me to say everything was signed and notarized. Nathan picked it up and it was correct! Yay! Over one big hurdle. Now that meant we were going to need a copy of her medical license, which she has refused to give us from day one. It's been a day long battle today between us, them, the hospital, their attorney, and Reese's Rainbow. And several other friends who have really tried to help. Right now, it's ended with us being labeled as "fishy" for asking for her license and them implying that we may actually want it so we can get drugs for ourselves.  Really.

Waiting on the attorney to call back in the morning and (*hopefully, please little tiny baby Jesus!!) say they can sign the notary form that simply acknowledges that she is, in fact, a doctor (at least, according to the Board of Medicine).

Ugh. I never in a million years dreamed that a doctor would work SO hard to hinder our adoption.  I just don't get it?! She doesn't benefit at all from making things difficult (if anything, it's been more work for her) and our adoption most certainly won't hurt her at all.

Oh, and another interesting twist... We found out she lives ONE house away from us. Not. Kidding.


In other news... we got our biometrics appointment for immigration on Monday. It was for October 27th. That's too late. So... we just drove down there today and walked in. We were out in ten minutes and it.was.done.  That is huge in getting our immigration processed sooner!

AND it's the closest thing to a date that we've had in a while :) Side-by-side fingerprinting! How romantic :)  Hey... we'll take what we can get!

Our congressman has been flooded with calls and emails from us, family, and friends. We will follow up now to let her know that we are only waiting on approval!!

Keep praying!!! It's working!! :)


  1. As if I didn't have enough reason before, now I really want to make an appt with that doctor JUST to tell her exactly how HORRIBLE I think she is. Kudos to Mama Stang for not strangling her! Praying it all gets completed quickly. Love you!

  2. Oh my word, I cannot believe she lives so close to you. Does she know?? That's just crazy! I've been following your other blog for a while, but am terrible at commenting. Will be praying!

  3. Oh my!! Are you kidding me? One house away????? Holy cow! So, are you gonna take her a batch of pumpkin cookies to be neighborly? Trick or treat?
    Maybe she knew you were a neighbor and has issues with how you cut your grass. This is just crazy nuts.
    But I am so glad she finally signed and you are so much closer to your baby!