Friday, October 21, 2011

So long, dossier! Have a safe trip! Hope to see you soon!
I could cry.

I can't believe it's done. Just a couple of weeks ago, it seemed to be a mountain we would never see the top of. It's weird to have poured everything we have into those papers for MONTHS and now... we just send them away. And we wait. We wait and we pray.

I have always felt really tuned in to my discerning spirit, and I truly don't want to be naive. I really understand what we are being told. I understand that everyone telling us about what this process is going to look like has WAY more knowledge and experience than I.  I hear ya, I do.  But...

But I just feel like... something unexpected might happen.

I don't know, maybe not. I don't like to spill my super secret spiritual thoughts because I'm afraid I'll jinx them somehow, but there's even a date showing up in front of me. I don't know what it represents, it's just there.

Either way, the dossier is done and ON IT'S WAY! We are THAT much closer to bringing her home! And that's a LOT closer!

Special shout out to the ladies at the Dept of State who stayed 45 minutes after work to make sure everything got apostilled for us. Mega props, government ladies.

Also, thank you all for the encouragement yesterday. I don't like to have dark days (at all) but I won't pretend that I don't from time-to-time. You all were there for me/us, as always.

As we enter the next phase, I beg you to pray with us. As always, pray for her. Pray for her care, pray for her soul. I appreciated so much yesterday when a friend said she was praying Annie could feel our love from here. Pray for that, would you? Pray for the three children we have at home who are growing impatient waiting for their baby sister to come home. Pray for understanding and acceptance of their sweet hearts. Pray for Nathan and I as we prepare for a different kind of roller coaster. Pray that our eyes and ears are opened to the financial opportunities God provides to bring her home. There are still shirts to sell, bottles to fill, and two more fundraiser announcements coming soon. We have had our socks blessed off already and we are incredibly grateful for the consideration of all our family and friends- even total strangers- but there are some LARGE fees ahead of us. We've got work to do.

Also, I hope you understand that we aren't looking for handouts. This isn't about us. At all. This is about saving the life of a baby girl in need. When you give, in any form or fashion, you very literally contribute to SAVING HER LIFE. If we are able to fund her adoption, she will be spared from life in an adult mental institution and receive ALL the love and squeezes and smooches and opportunities that she deserves, and then some.


You all have been an AMAZING rock for us to stand on. I have racked my brain relentlessly and I just cannot find an appropriate way to say thank you. I'll keep trying.

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