Thursday, October 13, 2011


We are all aware of how much pink arrives during the month of October to support breast cancer awareness. Great thing! I'm all about spreading awareness, I even have pink hair right now to do so and use the opportunity to talk about my amazing friend, Traci, her fight, and The Right to Fight Foundation she has started to help other's with their's.

But where's the blue and gold? I'll admit... Until this year, I never knew that October was also Down Syndrome Awareness month. And now, I am so very aware.

In case you don't know, humans have 23 pair of chromosomes. Down Syndrome occurs when #21 has one extra chromosome (three instead of two). There are some specific physical characteristics that are typically affected by "Trisomy 21" (the scientific / genetic term for Down syndrome). They are all possibilities, but do not affect every child with Down syndrome. These characteristics are:

Low Muscle Tone
broader face (flatter mid-face)
flatter nose bridge
•smaller nasal passages
slant upward "almond eyes"
•epicanthal folds at corners
•"Brushfield spots" in colored part of iris
 •small mouth
•shallow roof of mouth
   Teeth come in late
•come in an unusual order
•unusually shaped
•out of place
•fold over at top
•small or absent ear lobes
•set slightly lower on head
•smaller ear passages
     Head Shape slightly smaller than normal
•back of head - flatter and shorter
•neck may appear shorter
•loose folds of skin on back of nexk
•Stature - average weight & height, but slow growth with smaller final adult
•smaller hands
•shorter fingers (especially the 5th finger)
•only 1 crease in palm
gap between first and second toes
•flat feet
fair, sensitive skin
Soft, thin hair

There are also numerous intellectual and development delays, heart conditions, and other things associated with Down Syndrome.

Again, not everyone with DS will have every characteristic. Anyone could have any combination, and the effect of each can vary greatly from person to person.

Here are a few ways YOU can spread awareness about Down Syndrome. Now you know.


Check out this beautiful blanket that family friend, Anne, made to bring our baby girl home in. She chose the colors based on the flag for Annie's country.

Isn't it an interesting coincidence that the colors that represent DS are the same colors?
Each one of my children have come in the blankets that sweet Anne has made for them.

I love love love this tradition!
Thank you, Anne, for another beautiful blanket.

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