Sunday, March 4, 2012

We're still here :)

I am being chastized (kidding) for disappearing so abruptly! It was not intentional, I assure you. Who knew we would be so busy when we got home!? Oh, right... everyone but me.

I have started this post three different times now and never get around to finishing it!  I think a lazy (mom of four who needs to cook dinner and has a ton of clothes to put away kind of lazy) Sunday evening may actually allow it.

Things are going great :)  She is *slightly* adored by everyone in this house.

I think Anna Gray and I are finally functioning on the same time zone as everyone else. Yesterday was Meet Anna Gray Day and we are all pooped (separate post on that coming at some point). (I mean the party, not poop).

We've had LOTS of firsts in the last week!
I had to get everyone dressed and out the door on time by myself for the first time.... CHAOS, but we were only 5 min late. Anna Gray had her first trip to Walmart ( should I be embarrassed that I just documented that?).

 Either Grocery-Grabber (Brynn) or Cart-Driver (Cale) actually got a pic while playing on my phone (it was also the first time I used her new cute diaper bag).

Welcome to Tennessee, little girl.

She had her first pancake (loved it). I went back to work for the first (and second) time. My first time to leave her, which means it was Nathan's first time with all four kids by himself. I may have gotten a "How do you do this?!" text. Or two.

AG met Oakley for the first time. Neither of them were too impressed.

She had her first (second, third, and fourth) walks around the neighborhood in the stroller, also a new favorite.

For Meet Anna Gray Day she had her first birthday party with her first cupcake and met most of her family/friends for the first time!

She also went to church for the first time today! We purposefully showed up late to miss some of the music. We were afraid it would be too loud for her. It wasn't, she danced the whole time. She babbled and raspberried her way thru the service with lots of snuggles from her church family afterward.

The plan is to post here until the newness has worn off and we are pretty well adjusted. Then I will start posting exclusively on our family blog. Feel free to continue following us!  I will leave this blog up so that it is available for those with interest or questions about adoption.

Speaking of... I have gotten lots of questions about all kinds of stuff! I am working on Q&A post now to answer them. If you have any questions about adoption, Ukraine, Down Syndrome, Anna Gray, our family, Reece's Rainbow - anything!- comment here, FB, or email me in the next few days and I will do my best to answer them in the upcoming post :)


  1. Awww, so really bummed I missed AG Day! She is so adorable! Maybe I'll run into you all at Wal Mart! lol Seriously though, so happy for you all A! I too miss the daily blog posts, but so so SO understand how hard it is to get one down! :)

  2. I don't think you can say "Welcome to Tennessee" without a visit to Walmart so the acknowledgement of the trip there makes total sense to me! Love the bath pics :)

  3. Walmart is still Matthew's favorite place to come home to! He always wants to see if the same greater is there!! See they are important! So glad I got to see Anna Gray, she was asleep but Amber she is more beautiful than I even imagined her to be!! Precious Angel!!! Love you all, Mylinda