Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meet Anna Gray Day!

What a day!  And it already feels like a million years ago.

The morning started out with some real drama.... what the heck was little girl going to wear for her big day?!

I ordered an outift that didn't arrive in time. I had another made that I thought was too big. I went on a wild goose chase to find something  appropriate flawless, but we ended up putting her in a smocked outfit we already had. It was sweet on her, but the outfit I had made ended up fitting her great and would have been perfect. Kicking myself!

All of that to explain why we were so late to our own party :)

Not the Big Party... but before the Big Party, we were having a small birthday celebration with just our family. Partly because her birthday didn't get celebrated in the traditional sense while in Ukraine, but partly so that they could each have a little time to meet her before the masses arrived.

We sang 'Happy Birthday' to Anna Gray and she had her first cupcake! She was SO tired, so we didn't know if she'd be up for trying...

One taste of pink lemonade icing and she was hooked!!

After the cupcake pics, I set my camera down to greet some friends. I didn't move for two hours. Literally. Thus... no pics of her meeting all of you :( If you took some, please share!

We finished up just as the next batch of guests started arriving and just as Anna Gray fell asleep.

She slept thru most of it, but around 130 people came to see her over a three hour period :)

It was obviously a long, exhausting day for her (and us), but it was nice to get it all done in one time and place.  We were so proud to introduce her to everyone who helped bring her home! And I was thrilled to see all my people again!

Thank you all for coming to see Anna Gray, for your welcome home hugs, and for making me bring less than 100 of my cupcakes back home with me!  Thank you to Deda, Ba, and Sasha for putting together a lovely party in honor of our sweet girl!

We traded around a couple kids for the night and got everyone home in one piece. Nathan, Leslie, and I waited until all the littles were fast asleep and then opened (and oohed and aahed!) over each gift with a glass of wine :)

It was SUCH a good day and we are so happy to be home to celebrate it!

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