Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Welcome to our adoption blog! We are so, so excited to have a reason for it.

This blog will be used to document our journey as we bring our sweet girl home. This whole process is going to be very educational for us! We had not intended on pursuing an international adoption (which is a learning process in and of itself!) and have very limited experience with Down Syndrome. But when the Lord calls- you answer!

For those of you who are not immediate family or friends, here's a little background on us:
Amber decided she was going to adopt at the age of four years old. When she and Nathan began dating as teenagers, she told him her plan and said he was either in or out… he was in! They were married eight years ago and blessed less than a year later with a biological daughter, Layla, who is now seven. A couple of years later, they started the adoption process, ready to grow their family. About halfway through the process, they were told it was impossible for them to conceive- even though they had a healthy 2-year-old at home! This news just confirmed that they were already doing what God has always planned for them to do. Before they could even complete their homestudy, Nathan and Amber were asked to parent girl/boy twins! The babies had already had four homes and three sets of names in their short six weeks of life. Brynn and Cale are now four years old and almost as tall as their favorite person (big sister, Layla)!
Just recently, Nathan and Amber began updating their domestic homestudy. They planned on another domestic infant adoption, but God had better plans! Amber was introduced to Reese’s Rainbow by another adoptive mother, slightly by accident. After combing through the website once or twice, praying for the precious waiting souls, she saw Gracie. Little Cale had been praying for God to bring him “a baby with a mohawk” and he found one! All three of the children started asking, “When can she come home?” before Nathan or Amber ever mentioned doing just that! They took some time to pray about her, seeking God’s will for their family and felt very clearly that this was His plan for them. They are all so excited to hold this little squishy and bring her home. She, and her “mohawk” , will fit right in!
You can also find that information, along with the opportunity to donate toward our adoption fund at this link:
Follow along with us as we experience this amazing ride. She will grow, and we will grow together, while we wait.

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  1. Ever since I saw Gracie on the MFFM page, I've been anxiously waiting to see who her family is. Congrats!